GCS - Gear Cleaning Solutions FireDex Certification FIREDEX Verification as an ISP
(Independent Service Provider)
Fire-Dex® started manufacturing fire fighting clothing, proximity clothing and EMS clothing in 1988: structural fire fighting gear now represents our largest product line.
GCS - Gear Cleaning Solutions Globe Certification GLOBE CARES Certification as an ISP
(Independent Service Provider)
Gear Cleaning Solutions attended 2 day training seminar from Globe Manufacturing Company, LLC which includes an intense overview of the NFPA 1851 Standard, Advanced Cleaning, Advanced Inspection, and how to perform various repairs.
as an ISP (Independent Service Provider)
Gore has been a pioneer in the development of high-performance textiles. The company began its work in this area in the 1970s with its discovery that outerwear could be both waterproof and breathable at the same time.
GCS - Gear Cleaning Solutions Lion Certification LION APPAREL Verification as an ISP
(Independent Service Provider
)Our leadership position in the development of protective clothing has led to the introduction of many vital solutions for the industry. We were the first company to introduce Nomex, Pbi/Kevlar, GORE-TEX®, and Teflon® F.
GCS - Gear Cleaning Solutions MSA Certification LION APPAREL Certification as an ISP
(Independent Service Provider)
 MSA is the world’s leading manufacturer of safety products designed to protect people throughout the world. Many MSA products, while simple to use and maintain, are sophisticated in design in that they typically integrate any combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations.
GCS - Gear Cleaning Solutions Thorogood Certification THOROGOOD – WEINBRENNER Certification as an ISP
(Independent Service Provider)
Weinbrenner Shoe Company has been both a leading manufacturer and a pioneering force in the American footwear industry since beginning operations in 1892, initiating many of the safety and job-fitted design elements that are common today.
GCS - Gear Cleaning Solutions - Honeywell Certification TOTALFIRE GROUP Verification as an ISP
(Independent Service Provider)Honeywell First Responder Products’ brands span the entire personnel protective envelope and hence, we are uniquely capable of offering products that work together to provide vital interface capable protection. As OSHA and NFPA impose stricter and stricter “as worn” and “full body” protective requirements, Total Fire customers will have integrated and interfaced product advantages that others can only dream about.

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