Gear Cleaning Solitions provides professional gear cleaning services that offer inspection and repair on all firefighter turn-out gear, military ensembles, wildland brush gear and station wear.

As a Verified ISP (Independent Service Provider) owned and operated by firefighters, Gear Cleaning Solutions offers complete advanced cleaning, inspection, repair and alteration services that meet and excede the industry established standards and manufacturer requirements, including NFPA 1851:  Standard on Selection, Care and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting 2020 Edition, Section 11.

Gear Cleaning Solutions is tested and audited annually to comply with the NFPA Standard requirements for ISP verification. This annual process ensures that your organization is receiving service that meets current safety standards and that the performance of your equipment will not be compromised.

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We are a factory authorized and UL verified repair facility for:


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Manufacturer’s Warranties:

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Contact us for firefighter turnout gear repair, rentals, inspections, PPE turnout cleaning, NFPA 1851 training and compliance, or our NFPA compliant in-house service and support program. We are firefighters helping firefighters, and we treat our customers like our family.

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