Cost Saving Tips

Cost Savings Tips for Cleaning of Turnout Gear

Establish a Routine Cleaning Schedule

Remove contaminants and maintain gear performance integrity. Extends the useful life of your gear and delay scheduled purchases.

Develop Plan for Heavy Contamination or Hazardous Material Situations

Utilize the services of a full service professional cleaning and decontamination company. Improper decontamination and cleaning or neglect can cause both immediate and long-term damage to your gear, putting your Firefighters at an increased risk.

Develop Periodic Inspection and Gear Evaluation Program

Record preventative maintenance on gear similar to track maintenance. Identify garments, which should be replaced or scheduled for maintenance. Replace only that gear which needs replacement and minimize your replacement costs.

Considerations for Periodic Gear Replacement

Period should be a maximum of 10 years to keep up with technology. Evaluate older gear, clean and repair garments, which are cost effective.


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