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Firefighter Rental Gear

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Fighting fires is a tough job, so its important for all firefighters to have the proper bunker gear in order for them to stay safe. Unfortunately, with firefighter gear being so expensive, it makes it hard for some of us to get all of the gear we need in order to be the best at what we do. Fortunately, at Gear Cleaning Solutions, we have all the types of firefighter rental gear needed to complete any turnout bunker gear set, and we provide them for very reasonable prices with flexible terms. If you are a new firefighter or a emergency response person in training needing bunker pants, bunker coats, structural firefighting gloves, rubber bunker boots, bunker gear bags, fire hoods, or helmets, or a head-to-toe firefighter gear solution, our firefighter gear rental program is for you!

Gear Cleaning Solutions firefighter rental gear program allows our customers the flexibility to purchase the parts of their turnout gear that are in their budget and rent the rest of the gear they need from Gear Cleaning Solutions to stay completely protected while they work. It’s a great service that we are proud to provide to our fellow firefighters across the entire nation. The GCS firefighter rental gear is thoroughly inspected and cleaned in between each use to allow for the highest protection for firefighters.

When you rent firefighter gear from Gear Cleaning Solutions, you also gain access to our certified ISP cleaning service. Firefighters are able to have their bunker gear thoroughly cleaned and rent quality replacement gear, so they don’t go without any important items. With our NFPA 1851 Care and Maintenance program, you can rest assured that we will do the proper cleaning of all of your turnout bunker gear to ensure that you are protected from the hazardous chemicals that accumulate on your gear during the performance of your job.


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