In-House Pump Systems, Training & Chemicals

The basis of an in-house cleaning system training is a 3-stage learning process: advanced inspection, advanced cleaning, and advanced repair. Each stage requires multiple steps and procedures. GCS is a NFPA 1851 Verified ISP (Independent Service Provider) and is recognized by all manufacturers  for advanced cleaning and  advanced inspections of structural and proximity firefighting garments.

In-House Pump Systems:

There are many important factors to consider when setting up an in-house pump system and hydro testing for PPE gear. Extractors, testing equipment, chemicals, and following NFPA 1851 regulations all come into play, so it is crucial to get expert help when designing your in-house cleaning system. GCS will install, maintain, and monitor chemical pump systems to make sure you are using the right amount of chemicals, allowing for cost savings overtime.


GCS instructs departments on the regulations and components needed to evaluate conditions and cleaning methods for protective clothing. For example, bunker gear garments are composed of an outer shell, thermal liner, and moisture barrier, and evaluation of each level, using hydro testing and other methods, must be considered to keep bunker gear in excellent condition. Discoloration of any layer may indicate that the level of protection is deteriorated and that may affect the level of protection the garment offers. Structural ensemble elements must be retired ten years after the date of manufacture. Proximity outer shells must be retired five years after the date of manufacture. And it’s important to know all of the NFPA 1851 requirements…for example, proximity gear should never be machine washed under any conditions. The Gear Cleaning Solutions In-House Service and Support Program will make NFPA 1851 easy for you to understand and implement internally.


In order to prevent cancer causing build-up on turnout gear and adhere to NFPA 1851 Standards on Selection, Care and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, approved chemicals, with a pH range of at least 6.0 and not greater than 10.5, are required to treat PPE gear. There are many cleansers available, but GCS uses CitroSqueeze, from Solutions Safety, an environmentally-friendly cleaner for professional PPE garments. It is formulated to prevent re-deposition of soil during the cleaning process.


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