Gear Maintenance Program
What is your department’s most expensive and valuable asset?

Wrong! It’s not your truck apparatus; it’s your personnel! You can replace your apparatus truck with insurance or a loan. How much time and monetary commitment does it take to train an experienced firefighter?

NFPA 1851 Compliance, Advanced Cleaning, Inspection and Repair

Statistical data indicates today’s firefighter’s health and safety are at a much higher risk due to exposure and the buildup of contaminants found in day to day fire situations. In the latest revisions to NFPA Specifications 1500, 1851 and 1971, the fire service has addressed the health and safety risks associated with contaminated turnout gear by requiring that protective clothing be cleaned at least once every six (6) months, or as soon as it has been soiled or contaminated.

GCS Verification
Gear Cleaning Solutions provides professional gear cleaning services that offer inspection and repair on all firefighter turn-out gear, military ensembles, wildland brush gear and station wear.

As a Verified ISP (Independent Service Provider) owned and operated by firefighters, Gear Cleaning Solutions offers complete advanced cleaning, inspection, repair and alteration services that meet and excede the industry established standards and manufacturer requirements, including NFPA 1851: Standard on Selection, Care and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting 2020 Edition, Section 11.

Gear Cleaning Solutions is tested and audited annually to comply with the NFPA Standard requirements for ISP verification. This annual process ensures that your organization is receiving service that meets current safety standards and that the performance of your equipment will not be compromised.

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Cost Saving Tips

Cost Savings Tips for Cleaning of Turnout Gear.

Establish a Routine Cleaning Schedule
Remove contaminants and maintain gear performance integrity. Extends the useful life of your gear and delay scheduled purchases.

Develop Plan for Heavy Contamination or Hazardous Material Situations
Utilize the services of a full service professional cleaning and decontamination company. Improper decontamination and cleaning or neglect can cause both immediate and long-term damage to your gear, putting your Firefighters at an increased risk.

Develop Periodic Inspection and Gear Evaluation Program
Record preventative maintenance on gear similar to track maintenance. Identify garments, which should be replaced or scheduled for maintenance. Replace only that gear which needs replacement and minimize your replacement costs.

Considerations for Periodic Gear Replacement
Period should be a maximum of 10 years to keep up with technology. Evaluate older gear, clean and repair garments, which are cost effective. 




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