Why GCS?

Our goal at GCS is to provide NFPA 1851 compliant cleaning, inspection and repair services to departments from all communities, in the most responsible, efficient, professional and cost effective manner possible. We are end users (firefighters helping firefighters), and we treat your gear as if it was are own!

Firefighter Gear Maintenance Program

What is your department’s most expensive and valuable asset?

Wrong! It’s not your truck apparatus; it’s your personnel! You can replace your apparatus truck with insurance or a loan. How much time and monetary commitment does it take to train an experienced firefighter?

Statistical data indicates today’s firefighter’s health and safety are at a much higher risk due to exposure and the buildup of contaminants found during fire department operations. In the latest revisions to NFPA 185, the industry has improved contamination reduction procedures further reducing the health and safety risks associated with contaminated turnout gear by requiring that protective clothing be cleaned at a minimum of twice (2) per year and recommended after every exposure or as soon as it has been soiled or contaminated.

fire gear extractor advanced cleaning

Advanced cleanings must be performed by a verified ISP (Independent Service Provider) verified cleaner, manufacture or trained personnel of the organization (Fire Department). The training of an organizations personnel shall be performed by the garment manufacture or a verified ISP, garment manufacturer verified in cleaning or a verified cleaner.  Advanced cleanings of ensembles are required every 6 months at minimum according to the 2020 NFPA 1851 standard.

Advanced cleanings shall also be done when routine cleaning fails to render the ensemble or ensemble elements sufficiently clean for service. GCS is recognized by all manufacturers for advanced cleaning of structural and proximity firefighting garments.

fire gear advanced inspectionThe NFPA 1851 standard 2020 edition calls for advanced inspections of all elements at least once a year or as needed based on findings found during routine inspections. Advanced Inspections must be conducted by the manufacture, verified ISP or trained personnel within the organization (Fire Department) who have been recognized by an manufacture or verified ISP to perform such inspections.

The findings of the advanced inspections need to be documented and records kept until the garment is retired. GCS is recognized by all manufacturers for providing advanced inspections on structural firefighting and proximity firefighting garments.

fire gear advanced repairRepairs must be performed by the manufacturer, a manufacturer trained representative of the department (for basic repairs), or by a verified ISP. All repairs and alterations to garments must be performed according to the manufacturer’s approved methods, meet manufacturer’s specifications, and use the same materials as the manufactures.

GCS is a third party verified company, tested by Underwriters Laboratories for performing advanced repairs on all firefighting garments. Our repair methods have been evaluated for conformance to OEM standards of quality by most manufacturers.

Reasons to use Gear Cleaning Solutions Professional Cleaning Services:

  • GCS processes and procedures are recognized by all major manufacturers and exceed minimum NFPA 1851 standard requirements.
  • GCS is a firefighter owned and operated Verified ISP.  We can take care of all of your  cleaning, inspection and repair needs regardless of manufacture.
  • GCS is heavily involved in NFPA standards development processes and can assist you with any information and education within NFPA 1851 and NFPA 1971 standards
  • GCS offers fully comprehensive rental gear programs
  • GCS provides in-house training and support programs for those departments wishing to perform their own cleanings and inspections.  GCS can also provide you all products and services for your in-house cleaning and inspection programs.
  • Why use GCS, why not?


PPE Brands Serviced by GCS

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